What is Travel Insurance?

25/04/2013 -- Admin
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Insurance is the pooling of risk.

We spend hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pounds hopping on and off trains, planes, ferries and buses to travel the world every year. It’s Sod’s law that something, somewhere, is going to go wrong for someone.

And accidents happen ...

Ill health, flight delays, lost luggage, stolen passport, mugging, civil unrest and natural disasters such as earthquake or flood could throw what should be a carefree holiday into chaos.

It’s these types of unforeseen situations that travel insurance is for.

As well as financial protection, it can provide you with on-the-spot 24/7 emergency services and assistance.

If you’re unlucky enough to fall seriously ill abroad, travel insurance could save your life.

Pool your risk

With travel insurance you get to call on the pooled money and resources available from the premiums everyone pays into the pot for holiday cover.

You’ll get reimbursed for any losses and help with legal expenses if someone sues you because you’ve accidentally damaged their property. 

You’ll get the medical and health treatment you need without it costing you an arm and a leg, and no huge bills to come home to.

So pool your risk with your fellow travellers for peace of mind.  Find the best 'pot' for your particular circumstances and chip in.

Spot rip-offs

The better you identify your risk eg the cost of the holiday if you can’t travel; the state of your health; where you’re going; the value of your luggage and whether it’s already covered by home contents insurance, the more informed you’ll be about the type of cover you’ll need.

The more quotes you get then the better you can compare prices and spot rip-offs.

Check cover levels, what the exclusions are and how much you will be indemnified (returned to the position you were in before the claim) for any losses.