Voided Travel Policies

29/04/2013 -- Admin
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'I assumed it would be alright'

Insurance is the pooling of risk, if you don't declare or fail to cover your travel risks then you could find your insurance voided.

Ignorance is NOT bliss

Things you probably never knew about travel insurance.

What's not covered?

Claims as a result of medical conditions you had before you took out the insurance policy - and didn't tell your travel insurance company about. 

If you have a pre-existing medical condition - eg asthma, heart disease - tell the insurer beforehand to check you'll still be covered for any claim as a result.

This includes health problems of fellow travellers, plus stay-at-home close relatives whose health may be dodgy enough to stop you travelling or force you to shorten or pull out of the trip.

Adventure activities

Claims as a result of hazardous activities you take part in such as:

  • horse riding
  • skiing
  • scuba diving
  • cycle touring

- and didn't tell your travel insurance company about. Remember, what's looked on as a risky activity can vary between insurers, so always check the small print and gather several quotes.

Camel Trip

Think twice before you hop on that camel trip in Morocco.

Your Lawrence of Arabia moment could seem like fun at the time, but if your camel tramples an innocent bystander (it happens) and you don't have personal liability cover for that particular activity and the trampled one decides to sue you, be very, very afraid...

Remember some insurers won't cover excursions like camel trips and safaris unless they're pre-booked in the UK.

Hot Tips and Info

  • Do tell the truth about health
  • Don't over cover, but be sensible about what you may do on holiday
  • Check whether reciprocal health arrangements are in place with the UK
  • Tell us your stories and tales of misfortune and recovery
  • Allow others to benefit from your hard earned wisdom