Travel to North Africa

14/06/2013 -- Admin
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North Africa has many spectacular and fascinating sights and experiences to offer visitors to the region.

Travel Insurance and Health

The UK government strongly recommends visitors to the region have adequate travel insurance. The UK has no reciprocal health care agreement with any of the North African countries and the level of public health provision is not generally comparable to UK standards. Whether public or private health care, insurance will provide emergency medical cover if you need it.

Associated costs such as ambulances, flights, surgical and nursing care can cost significant sums and may need to be paid up-front at the time of treatment if you do find you need them. Ensure your medical insurance covers the costs of local hospitalisation and medical repatriation.

Insurers will also expect you to have taken necessary health precautions.

What to See

Some key tourism destinations include the Egyptian Pyramids, Nile and the gold treasures and artifacts in the Cairo Museum and exotic bazaars.

Tunisia has year round sunshine and beaches, Roman history and the famous Hamman Mellegue featuring in the sets of Star Wars.

In Egypt and Tunisia the tourist industry forms a major part of the economy and the best time to visit is between October and March when temperatures are less severe. This is especially true for visitors with heart of other medical conditions where excessive heat can exacerbate the illness.