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The Blue Grotto, scuba diving, fireworks, festivals, Valletta, Cisk beer, George Cross, churches, catacombs, pastizzi pastries, Mosta Dome, widow's soup, Rabat, walking, hiking, The Silent City, trekking, rabbit stew, sailing, ice-cold Kinnie, Hagar Qim temple, liqueurs, fish pie (Lampuki), Knights of St John, lace

Medical and Health

Documents needed:  EHIC and passport.

Doctors and Dentists

Doctors:  Treatment is available free from doctors in state health centres/polyclinics when you use your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).   Some pharmacies have GPs attached who charge a consultation fee.

If you’re too sick to go to the health centre or pharmacy, doctors can make home visits during business hours, after hours in emergencies only.

Visits cost €30-€50. Keep receipts.

Dentists:  For emergency dental treatment go to a public hospital or health centre where it’s free on production of the EHIC, previously known as the E111 Form

Most dentists practise privately and expect payment by cash or credit card.  Consultation is often free and treatment can be cheaper than the UK.  Remember to keep receipts.

Hospital Treatment and Ambulance Costs

The Maltese national health service is similar to the UK’s.  It’s generally free at the point of delivery for locals and EHIC card holders, with charges for prescriptions.

With the EHIC or EU medical card there’s no charge for treatment as an in-patient or outpatient in the A&E Department of Government hospitals, otherwise you’re liable for all medical costs.

The EHIC doesn't cover the cost of private hospital treatment.

Ambulance: Emergency transport is free with the EHIC, so always carry the card with you.


You need a doctor’s prescription to get medication. Any charge paid isn't refundable. 

Medication prescribed for hospital in-patient treatment and the first 3 days after discharge is free for EHIC holders.  You’ll be charged for anything needed after that.  Charges aren’t refundable.

The EHIC card isn’t travel insurance.  See What Can Go Wrong if in doubt about whether you need travel insurance for Malta.


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