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29/04/2013 -- Admin
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Travel agents are 'middlemen' when it comes to travel insurance

According to Which? Travel research, you’ll pay over the odds if you buy travel insurance from a travel agent.

Travel agents are middlemen for the big insurance companies and get commission on sales.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you must buy travel insurance with your holiday.  You don’t.

Travel agent holiday insurance sales nosedive

Travel insurance policies sold by travel agents have dipped in the downturn. 1 in 4 holiday makers booking through an agent now travel abroad without insurance.

The shock findings are highlighted in a 2013 report by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA).

In 2006 travel agents sold 1 in 3 holiday insurance policies.  Today they account for just 17% of sales.

Although travel agents are consistently slated by Which? Travel research for charging too much and failing to offer comprehensive cover, it’s better than nothing.

Over a third of the people polled by ABTA said travel insurance was too expensive.

Would they still think so if they need to cancel an expensive holiday because Mum dies and they don’t have cancellation cover? 

Or get sued for injuring someone in a jet ski accident and don’t have personal liability cover?  

Not having comprehensive travel insurance to cover the unexpected is false economy.

Cheapest quote

Go online to compare products and prices of well known insurance companies. Find the cheapest – and best – quote for your budget.

Travel insurance is cheaper online. You’re buying direct and cutting out the middleman. Cover’s usually more comprehensive too.

Don’t forget your EHIC card, formerly the E111, for medical care in the Euro zone.  You could save £50 - £150 on the excess if you need to claim on insurance because of sickness or accident.

Some banks/credit card providers offer automatic worldwide comprehensive travel insurance eg Marks & Spencer.