Scuba Diving

29/04/2013 -- Admin
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In Too Deep . . . ?

Scuba diving has earned itself a label as a marginally dangerous or adventure sport because like many activities there are varying degrees of risk associated with skill, training and the level of risk you expose yourself to.

Before you get yourself into deep water, it follows that you should organise appropriate insurance before you dive in.

Or at the very least once you are in your Red Sea resort or wherever and decide to go for your PADI certificate get your travel insurance amended.

Nowadays this can be done online - depending on the insurer - so seek out your nearest internet café - your hotel might be able to accommodate you.

Just remember that not all insurers will accommodate any change to your policy, if you've already started your journey.

Companies That Offer Scuba Diving Insurance

The British Sub Aqua Club

Without doubt the world's No. 1 diving club - The British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC), governing body for the sport of underwater activities in the UK, is among the most respected diving organisations on the planet.

BSAC have helped Perkins Slade design and create a travel insurance policy specifically to meet divers needs including discounts of 10% for BSAC members.

Travel4Scuba provides online quotes and purchasing of travel policies to include diving cover.

BS-AC Membership

You have to be a member to enjoy the deals on offer, though - depending on your age and membership class, annual membership costs anything between £16 - £60 a year.

Included as part of their membership subscription, members receive worldwide 3rd party liability (excluding north America) cover up to a limit of £5 million.

Divemaster Insurance

For specialist diving insurance try Dive Master Insurance, you can find details of all of their policies at

International Diving Emergency Card (IDEC)

Whereas most ordinary travel insurance policies won't cover suitably certified divers to dive without an instructor, IDEC will.

And ordinary travel insurance may not cover all your UK diving if it is not part of a pre- booked trip. IDEC will.

With IDEC, the depth limit is a maximum of 50 metres on air and 75 metres on Trimix, depending on your qualification, although there's no depth limit in an emergency or attempt to save human life.

Diving Injuries

If you have an accident, IDEC's liability continues when you return to the UK if you still need specialist treatment.

This is important when you consider that diving injuries can last for a long time. You could end up on an NHS waiting list for 2 years for non-urgent surgery whereas with IDEC you would be treated privately immediately.

You can choose between single trip insurance and 3 different annual polices.

All the annual policies include an annual IDEC for the main policyholder, covering all diving UK and overseas.