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29/04/2013 -- Admin
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Travel insurance for the over 75s

In our view, the two most important cover types over 75s can buy are for:

  • Medical emergencies abroad
  • Cancellation or curtailment

If you have an accident or fall ill in a foreign country, medical expenses insurance will pay for your hospital care abroad.

If necessary it will also cover the cost of getting you home to a hospital in the UK, so that you won’t need to mortgage your house.

If you need to cancel or cut short that once-in-a-lifetime holiday you could lose thousands of pounds if you don't have adequate cancellation cover.

Cover should start the minute you buy.

Cover for USA

Insurance is possible for the elderly who wish to travel and cover serious medical conditions such as heart problems.

Age Matters

Thankfully more insurers are waking up to the fact that the over 75s holiday insurance market is potentially very lucrative.

People are living longer and leading healthier lives, with over 10 million people alive in 2010 expected to live until their 100th birthday.

High Cost of Travel Insurance for over 75's

It's tragic, but for anyone over 75, holiday insurance can be 2, 3 or even 4 times the cost of the actual holiday.

It doesn't matter how healthy you are. The minute you enter the 75-79 age group, the cost of holiday insurance can enter the stratosphere. After 80, it's downhill all the way.

Depending on the insurer, the price can go sky-high for over 75s with or without a pre-existing medical condition, especially for America or Canada, where the cost of hospital treatment can be exorbitant.

Go to one insurer with a hefty medical file and you could be hit for as much as £1,000+ for travel insurance for a 2-week break in America.

Go to another insurer with the exact same medical history and the price could nosedive, so shop around.

Why over 75's are often excluded

Most mainstream holiday insurers won't sell single let alone annual/multi-trip travel insurance policies to the over 75 age group because of the higher risk of policy holders falling ill abroad.

According to Age UK - the new name for the merger between the charities Age Concern and Help the Aged - the majority of claims made under Age UK Travel Insurance are for medical emergencies.

For every 10 claims they receive, over 7 are for health related matters.

Cancellation accounts for just two out of 10 claims.   Less than 1 in 10 claims are for baggage or money.

But where there's a will (not your last will and testament - hopefully that's already written), there's a way to find a good travel insurance deal for the over 75s.

Things for over 75s to look out for when buying travel insurance

One of the main differences in what's on offer between travel insurance providers for over 75s is the cut-off age for eligibility in the length of time you're allowed for any one trip.

  • Single trip lengths especially can vary from 31 – 100 days
  • Benefit levels dip and the excess can be higher than for other age groups
  • Reduced payouts or even none at all for some cover sections
  • Personal accident benefits including death payouts are often cut to the bone, and excesses on medical expenses sections can rise alarmingly
  • Insurers will often restrict destinations, with sudden cut off ages for annual trip travel to the USA, Canada and Caribbean

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions for over 75s

Finding cheap travel insurance can be a minefield if you're over 75 with a pre-existing medical health problem such as diabetes or cancer.

People with heart problems will find cheap insurers often shy away from providing cover for trips to the States.

A mild stroke you suffered from 5 years ago from which you've fully recovered could on the face of it totally debar you from cover.

If need be, get a back up letter from your doctor to confirm your health and fitness to travel.

If you need hospital treatment for a recurring condition, expect to pay an extra premium, or even be refused cover for that condition.