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29/04/2013 -- Admin
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Holiday insurance for over 65s

Not so long ago, people over 60, 65, 70 and 75 were in the minority of people going on foreign hols.

Not any more, with over a quarter of travellers over 65 taking two holidays abroad a year.  That’s compared to 19% of all British holidaymakers.

Despite this, many insurance companies won’t sell travel insurance cover to the over 65s. 

Sick statistics

According to the ABI, the Association of British Insurers, the main reason is the average claim cost is nearly three and a half times more than for someone under 50!

No surprise then that over 65s pay extra for travel insurance due to the greater risk of an accident or falling ill.

Medical treatment abroad isn’t cheap. The older you are, the greater the chance of complications.

That’s why it’s even harder for over 65’s with a chronic illness or disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure - what insurers term pre-existing medical conditions - to find cheap travel insurance.

NB. Don’t forget your free NHS EU Health Insurance Card (EHIC) formerly known as e111 form for basic medical cover in Europe.

Annual Travel insurance for over 65s

Many mainstream insurers won’t sell annual/multi-trip travel policies to people aged over 65.

But you can, for example, buy annual Citybond Suretravel and Age Concern travel insurance (now Age UK) for extended stays of 31 or 45 days.  Perfect for places like the Algarve in Portugal or Malta, favourite destinations in low season when prices are rock bottom.  

Pay close attention to trip length – the max. no. of days is usually limited for older travellers (more likelihood of you falling ill).

Don't be tempted to ignore the small print on pre-existing medical conditions in the insurance policy before you buy. If you already have high blood pressure you don’t want to have a stroke under the Spanish sun if you’re not covered for medical treatment.

The eu medical card doesn’t provide repatriation cover to get you back to a hospital in the UK.

Adventure holidays

The insurance industry still has older people pigeonholed in the Victor Meldrew one-foot-in-the-grave mould.

So despite their often jet-setting lifestyle, mature travellers find it harder and more expensive to get travel insurance, especially for activities such as winter sports.

Unusually, Citybond Suretravel offer winter sports cover for people up to age 70.  Citybond Suretravel insurance quotes

Hot Tips and Info

Brits aged 65 and over can save a fortune by taking advantage of free or reduced entry to cultural attractions in Europe eg:

  • Pompeii
  • Uffizi
  • Prado Museum
  • Colosseum

Show your passport on entry or book online for a few euros to beat the queues.

Taking medication abroad

If you have an existing medical condition then you may need to take medicines abroad.