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British Embassy example

Wish You Were Him ...?

A 34-year-old Maths teacher from Manchester collapsed in the streets of Paris after a long and tiring train journey from the French countryside.

His companions on part of the journey had included not only fellow passengers but half a dozen chickens - and a baby goat.

Groggy and disorientated he came to on the pavement outside the railway station minus baggage, passport and money.

Delirious, he found himself wandering the streets of Paris having imaginary conversations with his elderly parents who in reality were sitting at home in their conservatory having a cuppa.

Drunken Englishman

Taking him for a drunken Englishman (shame on them!!!), the French Police promptly arrested him.

Back at the cop shop they quickly realised he wasn't under the influence at all.

But as he was still delirious and talking complete rubbish they leapt to the next obvious conclusion - he was insane.

So they dropped him off at the nearest asylum.

In reality he had suffered an attack of epilepsy - his first ever.

A few days later, after being diagnosed as suffering from the milder form of the illness - Petit Mal, as opposed to Grand Mal - he was transferred to a medical hospital.

Free Treatment

Luckily he still had his EU health card on him.  Under the reciprocal health arrangements with France, his emergency treatment was free.

He was able to give details of his nearest of kin in the UK - his sister, because he didn't want to alarm his elderly parents - and she was contacted by the British Embassy.

When she heard what happened she told the embassy official that she'd be on the next plane over and bring him back home at her own expense.

The British Embassy official was gobsmacked by her reaction.

"Most relatives don't bother," he said. "They generally leave 'em to it!"

Avoid disasters - Repatriation

Remember, remember ...

... it's at the individual's own expense to make their own way home.

The British Embassy will not repatriate individuals who have come a cropper abroad.

The EHIC won't cover the cost of your journey home if you fall ill during your trip in Europe.

Travel insurance will, so make sure you're covered.